Attractions in Ranong

The Kra Isthmus : Ranong faces the Andaman Sea and borders the southern tip of Myanmar at Victoria Point. The town is also situated on the Kra Isthmus, the narrowest point (22 km) in peninsular Thailand and the subject of an ongoing debate regarding the construction of a canal that would connect the Andaman Sea with the Gulf of Thailand at Kraburi, a small town 58 km north of Ranong.

Ranong Hot Springs : Ranong is locally known for its boiling hot springs 1 km east of town on the grounds of Wat Tapotharam. The springs have been fashioned into organized ponds surrounded by manicured gardens and tropical forests. Visitors can soak in the public baths and then explore the trails that lead up to the small monastery. Waters bubble up at 70’C-hot enough to cook eggs-but the public baths are cooled down to a more tolerable 40-42’C.

Nai Kai Ranong : Ranong’s leading historical figure was a wealthy Fukien Chinese immigrant, Koh Su Chiang, who served as regional tax collector during the reign of King Rama V and was later appointed the first governor of Ranong Province. The Koh family played an important role in the development of the tin industry on Phuket. The governor’s former residence, located on the northern edge of town, honors the Koh family with a collection of mementos and ancestor figurines carved with the names of deceased.

Koh Su Chiang Mausoleum : The mausoleum and graveyard of the Koh family are 3 km north of town on Chao Rakathong hill. The primary tomb is approached on a grassy walkway flanked by eight stone sculptures imported from China in the 19th century.

Myanmar and Victoria Point : Just across the broad Chan River estuary lies the southern end of Myanmar and the trading village of Victoria Point, called Kawthaung by the Burmese and Ko Song (“Two Islands”) by the Thais for a pairs of offshore islands. The passage is also sprinkled with dozens of islands that serve serve as trading post for Thai-Burmese commerce. Foreigners are now permitted to visit Victoria Point and other Myanmese islands as independent travelers or with organized tours from Ranong.

Ko Chang : It is a large and beautiful island midway between the provincial capital of Ranong and Laem Son National Park to the south. This island is now the most popular stop in this district, with plenty of inexpensive bungalows.

Laemson National Park :Laemson (“Pine Cape”) National Park, 50 km south of Ranong, encompasses over 100 km of coastline and almost two dozen islands inhabited by birds and monkeys and covered with tons of fluffy white sand. The shoreline is mainly dense mangrove swamps popular with crab-eating macaques, interspersed with arching beaches backed by swaying casuarina trees. Laemson, also called Bangbain after the principal beach and fishing village, spreads across 3 districts, 2 in Ranong and 1 in Pang-nga.

The tourist sites of Laemson National Park are the beaches. The tourists spend their holiday relaxing, talking a walk, camping and viewing coral reefs. The attractions of Laemson National Park are beaches and offshore islets.