Beautiful Thailand Beaches

Bangbain Beach is at Bangbain Village of Kaper district of Ranong. The beach is the location of Laemson National Park Office. Most of the area is grassland. It’s natural beauty is unspoiled. Along the beachline is dense beach forest. The Atmosphere is suitable for relaxation. The beach is alternately muddy and sandy in some parts. During the low tide the strand is widen. It is possible to view Koh Payam, Koh Kangkao and the Kam Islands from the distance. Also the tourists can walk across the sea to Koh Piak Namnoi on the left side of the beach. Bangbain beach provides a wide range of accommodation such as guesthouse, row house and rental tent. There is a tourist center service to give information of Laemson Mational Park. Public bathrooms and restrooms and restauants are also available.

Laemson Beach : Laemson beach is northward of Bangbain beach, about 4 km. The beach is unspoiled because no building is built. The beach is sandy. Its beach forest is the habitat of many species of birds such as Pacific Reef – Egret Cattle Egret, Cormorant, Scaly – breasted Munia, White – belled Sea – Eagle, Green – brilled Malkoha, White – throated Kingfisher, Indian Roller, Oriental White – eye, Richard’s Pipit and Olive – backed Sunbird. The tourists who enjoy bird watching shouldn’t miss this site.

Prapas Beach : Prapas beach is at Sooksamran district of Ranong. The entrance to the beach is about 5 km. From Laemsom National Park Office. The beach is about 50 km. southward. Prapas beach is long and sandy. During the low tide the seaside is widen. Along the beachline is beach forest and grassland. The atmosphere is tranquil and peaceful. Surrounding vista is magnificent. From the sea shore you can see Koh Kaiyai, Koh Lan, The Kamyai Islands and The Kammui Islands. On the right side of Prapas beach is the location of The Research Institute of Ranong Coastal Resources of Kasetsart University. Inside the institute are the wells of small sea turtles. Also, the institute provides the trails of Mangrove Swamp Forest. On the left side of Prapas beach is the location of Laemsom National Park Reservation Unit. The officer of the reservation unit are willing to provide facilities for the tourists. The camping site is available, but the tourists have to bring their own tents. Food service is only available during the tourism season.

Ao Keoy Beach : Ao Keoy Beach is at Kuraburi district of Phanga. It is 70 km. Southward of Laemson National Park Office of Bangbain beach. Ao Keoy beach is 6 km. away from the intersection on Petchaburi highway. Beside its white sandy beach, the natural beauty is unspoiled. The beach is abundant with evergreen forest and mangrove swamp forest. The tourists interested in natural trail can get information from Laemson National Park Office Unit III. If the tourists want to spend the night on the beach, they need to bring their own food and tents.