Ranong (pop. 21,000) is the provincial capital and an important trading center for Thais and Myanmese merchants. It is the first province is near the Andaman Sea or Indian Ocean, locates far from Bangkok approx. 568 kilometers. Ranong has a famous small province. The areas are 3,298 square kilometers or about 2,141,250 Rais. Kra Isthmus or Gill Kra are the narrowest for Leam Malayu. The geographical have many mountains and forests. Ranong have the long and narrow areas. It has about 169 kilometers longest area and about 44 kilometers widest area. For the narrowest is in the Kraburi district to have 9 kilometers wide.

Ranong was established in the late 18th century by emigrants from Hokkien, China, who discovered tin named their mining camp “Rae(Tin) Nong(Rich)”. The “tin rich” town was soon populated by hundreds of Chinese who arrived to work the tin mines and create the properity that still forms the basis of wealth in the region.

Today, most of the population is of Chinese descent ; many of the older homes reflect the architectural traditions of 18th-century China.


Ranong is rather ordinary, though it provides a convenient stopping point for those traveling from Bangkok to Phuket. It also serves as a convenient launching point for visits to nearby rainforests, national parks, and Surin islands National Park. The region has several hotsprings and waterfalls, though nearby beaches tend to be muddy flats or thick mangrove swamps flooded by heavy rains.


Ranong receives the heaviest rainfall in Thailand-up to 5,000 mm per year. So heavy are the torrential downpours that local wags have dubbed the town “Rain On”.