An Unseen Attraction in Thailand: Jim Thompson Farm

If you looking for a natural attractions. Today I will present farm of northeast …“ Jim Thompson Farm”. Jim Thompson Farm is located on over 600 acres at Tambon Takhop Amphoe Pak Thong Chai Nakhon Ratchasima province.

The farm has committed to conservation and cultural heritage of Thai people lineage Lao. Currently, Jim Thompson Farm are agricultural attractions and open to visitors once year in December January each year. In Jim Thompson Farm include vegetable farm, sunflower field, sericulture farm , Isaan village , Art on farm and Jim Thompson market. Portuang farm and organic vegetables farm Portuang farm glowing yellow intersection with colorful organic vegetables farm and fresh vegetables on farm you can keep these vegetables to eat or cooking at your home. sunflower field and pumpkin patio Enjoy the beauty of sunflower field and cosmos bloom challenge the sun.

In this traveler will stunned with mountain giant pumpkin and tens of thousands of pumpkins. Sericulture farm The primary mission of Jim Thompson Farm is Strains developed to suit the environment of Thailand and you will learn the life cycle of silk worm divided into 4 stages include silk eggs silkworm pupa butterflies Isaan village and Art on farm Visited resident Isaan and learning live traditional of Isaan and taste delicious Isaan food varied menu. You can see artwork from talented artists in the Art on Farm. Flower garden and Jim Thompson market You can take beautiful photographs with colorful flowers mountain and exotic flowers garden and end of the visit at Jim Thompson market. Jim Thompson Farm selection of high-quality agricultural products for tourists to buy as souvenirs such as organic vegetables , pumpkin , cantaloupe , flowers and ornamental plants species diversity , fresh vegetables and processed products of Jim Thompson Farm such as longan flower honey, banana products , mulberry tea, mulberry Jam etc.

In addition to agricultural products at the Jim Thompson Farm you can choose to buy many product such as hand-woven silk fabric shawl clothes bag and special with product suite collection special Boonlai